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team can be described as a gathering of experience from within the shower industry. The founding participants have spent many years in the industry, having gained knowledge working for some of the largest companies in the field. These members have an in-depth knowledge of the architectural glass business, design and all statutory specifications which are all rigidly adhered to. We are occasionally required to stretch our design thinking when we have a client which wants a specific design, which does not fall within the limits of the specifications. This we regard as a challenge, and often pool resources to create a design acceptable to the client which falls within the safety regulations. The Shower Innovation team pride ourselves in giving our clients that which is so lacking in business of today, the simple concept of service. This together with a superb quality product and professional advice.


We have selected very experienced and trust worthy installers, who we have trained to our desired standard of workmanship. We have assisted our installers to self-improve, by providing the opportunity to run their own business within

. This they have embraced. All our installers are known to us for a number of years now, and they have not only been selected for their installation abilities, but also their disposition of honesty and integrity.


Michael Janse van Rensburg



Albert Smith



Su Heaver



Frameless shower enclosures

This product will give the impression of unhindered space, luxury, and pure indulgence. This is certainly our clients most popular choice.

Semi Framed Shower enclosures

This product is the feeling of luxury, with only the required frame being visible. Various options are available in this range.

Framed shower doors and enclosures

These products are available in white and satin silver aluminium, with clear or obscure Toughened safety Glass.

Bath Screens

Bath screens are available in various designs. Fixed, non-moving, screen attached to the wall, Single moving panel from the wall, Folding bath screen.


Shower Innovation has selected components based on the quality, strength and corrosion resistance properties.


Shower Innovation will only make use of Toughened Safety Glass in its installation

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“The quality of

products are amazing. I would definitely recommend them.”

Monica Cook


has great and friendly staff. The Jobs always done very professionally and on time.”

Adam Ball

the only company I call for shower installations.”

Timothy James

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